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Asia, Emerging Markets & Commodities. Smart data. Actionable insights.

Surveillance camera symbolizing investors' continuous monitoring of investment performance.

It's a tough job. But they hired you to do it.

And we’re here to help. Our risk data delivers downside protection across a broad sweep of Asian and emerging markets. Our quintile rankings can elevate your stock selection. Our long-short commodity scores give you profit generation opportunities on both sides of the market.

Mission. Impossible.

Are your investors a demanding bunch? Look at it this way: as an asset manager, you just need to execute two key tasks to keep them happy: (1) protect capital in down markets; and (2) outperform in all markets. And how hard is that? 

Falling stock market.


Across all the big market drawdowns since 1 July 2015.

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1. Macroeconomics

2. Fundamentals

3. Technicals

4. Market Risk

PC monitor displaying Crystal Shore Dashboards' GEM dashboard from the week of 11 February 2024, with risk scores for 5 emerging market regions: Emerging Asia, Latin America, Arabia, Africa, and Emerging Europe.
PC monitor displaying a candlestick chart with technical indicators of an Asian stock
Fundamental data of an Asian stock on a PC monitor.
PC monitor displaying macroeconomic data of an emerging market.

Risk is a 4 letter word. It might not be part of your daily vocabulary.

As a professional money manager, you’re covering the macro, the fundamentals and the technicals. But we can deliver a 4th dimension of analysis: a deep and rich evaluation of the risk of the market. This risk data can be easily incorporated into your existing investment process.



Integrate smart data into your own investment process. With CSD's datasets.


Create unique investment strategies. With stock rankings and country scores.


Protect capital systematically. In down markets.


Keep score at all times. With weekly performance tracking.


Easy to use and consume. CSD delivers clean dashboards and structured datasets.

5 key benefits for users

Stock market ticker board showing large-cap and mid-cap stock prices in Emerging Markets.


Large-cap & mid-cap stocks

Night view of Taipei, capital city of Taiwan, the biggest emerging market in the world after China.


Asia and emerging markets

Steelworker near a blast furnace, illustrating the industrial and base metals commodity sector.


67 Commodity futures

Your mission.
Our solutions.


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