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Page name: Commodities. This page presents CSD's risk analysis solutions for the entire commodities market.

From Arabica coffee to Zinc. We've got you covered.

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Commodities aren't companies. Buy and hold won't work here.

As an investor, you may hold on to a stock for however long it takes to finally see the true underlying value emerge. And really: how bad can it possibly get? But with commodities, no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse. There is no natural threshold governing how low a specific price can go. Or how high it can climb. So unlike a stock, you cannot just put a commodity in the drawer and leave it there. Commodity positions must be reviewed and re-evaluated. Continuously. We do this work for you on a weekly basis.


We buy this market: 100% exposure.



We stay out of this market: Zero exposure.



We go inverse this market: -100% exposure.


The long and short of it: You've got to go both ways.

Equity markets are asymmetric: they typically rise slowly and crash suddenly. Commodity markets are different: they tend to rise and fall in similar fashion. This symmetry means that a long/short strategy is a natural fit in commodity markets. It’s one reason why all commodity traders and trading houses work on a long/short basis. But long/short also doubles the opportunity set. And it creates a superior balance of risks and rewards compared to long-only. We can offer you long/short views on 4 commodity sectors and 67 commodity futures.



Conviction trades. Directional bets.


72 Commodities
Long / Short

Coverage & features

    • COMEX Gold

    • COMEX Silver

    • NYMEX Platinum

    • NYMEX Palladium

    • COMEX Copper

    • COMEX Aluminum

    • SHFE Zinc

    • SHFE Nickel

    • SGX-DT TSI Iron Ore

    • SHFE Lead

    • US Domestic Hot-rolled Coil Steel

    • North European Hot-Rolled Coil Steel

    • SHFE Hot-Rolled Coil

    • NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI)

    • Solactive Brent Crude Oil

    • NYMEX RBOB Gasoline

    • ICE Europe Low Sulphur Gasoil

    • NYMEX NY Harbor ULSD Energy

    • NYMEX Henry Hub Natural Gas

    • ICE UK NBP Natural Gas

    • Pegas TTF

    • EU Emission Allowances

    • ICE Coal API2

    • ZCE Thermal Coal

    • DCE Coking Coal

    • DCE Coke

    • NYMEX Chicago Ethanol (Platts)

    • NYMEX Methanol T2 FOB Rotterdam

    • DCE Styrene

    • DCE Ethylene Glycol

  • Cereals

    • Chicago Soft Red Winter Wheat

    • Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat

    • Minneapolis Hard Red Spring Wheat

    • Euronext Paris Milling Wheat

    • JSE White Maize

    • JSE Yellow Maize

    • CBoT Corn

    • CBoTOats

    • CBoT Rough Rice


    • CME Class III Milk

    • CME Cash Settled Cheese

    • EEX Butter


    • CME Live Cattle

    • CME Feeder Cattle

    • CME Lean Hogs

    Rubber & pulp

    • SGX-DT RSS3 Rubber

    • SIEE TSR 20 Rubber

    • SHFE Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp


    • CBoT Soybeans

    • CBoT Soybean Oil

    • CBoT Soybean Meal

    • Euronext Paris Rapeseed

    • ZCE Rapeseed Oil

    • ZCE Rapeseed Meal

    • ICE-US Canola

    • Bursa Malaysia USD Crude Palm Oil


    • BM&F Arabica CoffeeLIFFE Robusta Coffee

    • ICE-US Sugar No. 11

    • ICE White Sugar No. 5

    • ICE-US Cocoa

    • ICE Europe London Cocoa

    • ICE-US Cotton No. 2

    • ZCE Cotton No. 1


    • ZCE Soda Ash


On every market.


The scores cover the 5 next market days and beyond.

Upgrades & downgrades.

Highlighted in bright and bold.

Weekly generation.

Of all scores every weekend.

Average holding periods.

Calculated o both commodity sectors and futures.

Performance tracking.

Total return, annualized, year-to-date and year by year.

Real returns.

No backtested returns. Only real numbers generated in real time.

Log record.

Of all scores on all markets since inception.

Electronic date stamp.

By a leading Swiss auditor every weekend.

Data format.

Choice of PDF or Excel.

Delivery methods.

Email attachment or AWS S3 bucket.

Licensing structure.


  • High risk/low risk. 0/100 market exposure.

  • The rankings cover the 5 next market days and beyond.

  • Highlighted in bright and bold.

  • Of all risk scores every weekend.

  • Calculated on all quintiles and strategies.

  • Total return, annualized, year-to-date and year by year.

  • No backtested returns. Only real numbers generated in real time.

  • Of all risk scores since inception: 1 July 2015.

  • By a leading Swiss auditor every weekend.

  • Choice of PDF or Excel.

  • Email attachment.

  • Pay-as-you-go.

There's safety in numbers. So don't put all your commodity capital in 2 or 3 eggs.

Many investors limit their commodity exposure to just 2 or 3 positions, like Gold and WTI. But this is like running an equity portfolio on just 2 or 3 stocks. It makes no sense. You should aim for a diversified portfolio of commodity positions from across all 4 commodity sectors: Precious, Base, Energy and Foodstuffs. We can help you build and manage this kind of broadly diversified portfolio: we cover 72 Commodity markets, from Arabica coffee to Zinc.


Go long/short on 72 commodity markets. With the GTC dashboard.


Actively manage your precious metals. With CSD's week by week positioning on gold, silver, platinum and palladium.


Get a clear view on the direction of global energy markets. With CSD's coverage of 17 distinct energy markets and products.


Create spread trades. Across 72 commodity futures.

4 Key benefits for users

Large-cap & mid-cap stocks


Stock market ticker board showing large-cap and mid-cap stock prices in Emerging Markets.

Asia and emerging markets


Night view of Taipei, capital city of Taiwan, the biggest emerging market in the world after China.

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Trust. But verify.

As an experienced commodities manager, you clearly trust your methods and your instincts. And you should. But we provide a completely independent view on every single position you take. And our views, probably unlike yours, are systematically generated on a multi-factor assessment of the probability of capital loss. So we can buttress your convictions. Or flash a timely warning signal. It’s almost like having a co-pilot. And two brains are better than one.


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The trend is your friend. Until it isn't.

How many times have you heard this: “Trend-following is your opportunity for outsized profits in bull and bear markets!” If only markets were so simple. The reality is there is no silver bullet when it comes to commodity markets. A strategy that works beautifully at one point in time can burn you to a crisp just 3 months later. We take great pride in the fact that our own commodity engines can easily follow the trend on some occasions while going completely against trend on other occasions.

Chart depicting the 190% run-up in cocoa prices in 2024 as well as the subsequent 40% decline.