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Crystal Shore Dashboards crystal ball logo with slogan: Less risk. More return.

Crystal Shore Dashboards is honored to receive backing from two esteemed  organizations: Fondation Inartis and Espace Création, Ville de Sion.  The support provided by these entities is invaluable, as it enables us  to further our mission of empowering investors and financial  professionals worldwide. Fondation Inartis, known for its commitment to  fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, recognizes the potential of  our innovative solutions in the fintech industry. Likewise, Espace  Création, Ville de Sion, plays a crucial role in nurturing local  businesses and promoting economic growth in the region. Their support  not only validates our efforts but also propels us toward greater  success and impact in the financial sector. We extend our heartfelt  gratitude to Fondation Inartis and Espace Création for their belief in  our vision and their dedication to advancing innovation and excellence.


August 6, 2018

Crystal Shore Dashboards announces institutional support

Crystal Shore Dashboards receives support from Fondation Inartis and Espace Création, Ville de Sion.

Logos of Espace Création, Ville de Sion and Fondation Inartis


Rue de l'Industrie 10

1950 Sion, Switzerland

Tel. +41 79 333 0310

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